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We fully understand the difficulties that you may encounter as an organiser and we cannot emphasise the importance of correct planning for your event.  To help with this our Services Page provides an outline of what we do and how we do it.  It is not however conclusive and as always feel free to contact us for a chat.

18SIX Events can provide event/festival packages bespoke to your requirements. Our in house teams are available for pre event meetings and of course debriefs as well as taking care of your needs at 'the sharp end' - for on site management.

Event Health & Safety

Originally our core business health, safety and welfare form the hub of the services that 18SIX Events provide. Our NEBOSH qualified team are hugely experienced, they are widely versed with the all important planning processes through to dealing with significant emergencies at major events.  We can be with you from the inception of the event throughout the whole process, to the invaluable debrief and revision of plans. The 18SIX team constantly work            alongside a local councils and event planning partners to ensure full safety compliance with current legislation and the all important local expectations.

We also offer on site Event Safety Managers who will take care of all things safety not only during your event but also the build and load out periods.

Feel free to contact us for a proposal.


Event/Festival Planning & Management

Working in partnership, 18SIX Events provides a 'one stop shop' service from the moment you have the very first idea.  We will be with you throughout the planning process with the local authorities, managing your event and the

essential debrief and revision stages. Please feel free to talk to us and lets put together a package specific to your needs.

Health, Safety & Welfare Document Packages

Every event needs to be supported by a robust set of documentation that outlines how you intend to manage your event safely.  18SIX Events will research and compile the following on your behalf: -

Health & Safety Policy

Event Management Plan

Event Risk Assessment

Traffic Management Plan

Emergency & Major Incident Plan

Guidance for those working at your event

Representation at Local Authority Meetings

Sometimes seen as an uncomfortable part of the event planning process, 18SIX Events can prepare and organise the necessary consultation with the relevant local authorities, keeping things as smooth and painless as possible.  This in turn takes the pressure off yourself, leaving you free to take care of other event necessities .


Accreditation Management

Recent terror incidents have changed the face of our event industry forever and now we must be sure who we are dealing with. Who is coming into your event - What is their background - What are they bringing with them?

18SIX Events have been involved with Festival Accreditation for over 12 years and during that time have developed various procedures and equipment to make your accreditation arrangements as robust as possible. 

Surprisingly in addition to making your event safer, when the word gets out that we are taking careful note of which staff are operating and where they are working, the number of wristbands issued drops significantly and our recording system reflects this.

Our teams will work with you and the local Constabulary to bring together a robust recording and analytical system which can be quickly scrutinised.  There is also an option for an integral electronic photographic recording facility.


Concession Safety & Management

Your concessions can be onerous to manage and if you don't keep your 'eye on the ball' you can end up with safety critical issues and also lose significant revenue.  All of this draws unnecessarily on your already finite resources.  18SIX Events have an established track record managing concessions at events and festivals. We provide our service for any size of event from a small handful of catering and market stalls through to festivals the size of Download where we have managed over 160 outlets.

Our package includes pre event document auditing ensuring that those submitted are genuine and currently valid. We can also meet with the local authority on your behalf if needed.

At your event we can take the headache off you for siting the outlets, ensuring that the correct support is available (toilets, waste and gas management) in addition to overseeing work ethics and hygiene.

At the end of the day we can manage till readings for you presenting accurate, confidential spreadsheets of our findings.

First person on, last person off - our on site team can ensure that the sites have been left in an acceptable condition when the outlets leave.

The 18SIX Events team can provide more information, feel free to call for further information.


Training for Event Workers (inc. tabletop exercises)

At 18SIX Events we pride ourselves on attention to detail and the training of those at the sharp end is absolutely essential.  We have devised a training course which is focused on your event workers, giving them the invaluable knowledge and skillsets to give you the confidence that you have a full competent team who know what to do if things go wrong.

Each formal training session is rounded off with a series of actual life, tabletop exercises which will bring all of the information from the theory session, into practical use.  The tabletop sessions demonstrate how your event team need to utilise the limited resources available at times of emergency


Emergency, Crisis & Resilience Planning

We all understand that in recent times the event and festival world as we know it has changed - forever. It is the duty of all organisers however small their event to have suitable plans in place in the unlikely event of an incident occurring, the immediate word that springs to mind is terrorism but this is not the case.

Over the years we have dealt with a diverse range of incidents that have led to events either closing early or to them being evacuated.  Some of these have been safety critical situations.

Have you planned as well as you can for all eventualities?  What is plan B when you lose your car parks or when your campsite floods?  Your show, your responsibility... feel free to contact us for more details

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