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What We Do & How We Do It...

Always rising to a challenge, over the years we have been involved in some of the most 'off the wall'

projects in the Country.  To bring the client's vision to realisation, we spend countless hours working with

your team, planning your events, compiling a bespoke documentation package and meeting the various authoritive bodies that make up your local Event Safety Advisory Groups (ESAG).

How might you benefit?  Leaving 18SIX to deal with your project, instantly frees up your time to address those time consuming finer points which allow you to manage your event, sponsors, friends and associates in the smoothest possible manner.  Rest assured all t's will be crossed and i's will be dotted.

The result? You and your event guests enjoy a safe, professionally planned and well managed event. In other words, everyone goes home safe and well and you along with the local authorities are happy.

Team on the ground  We always recommend the organiser takes up the option of having 18SIX Events team members working at the sharp end with your team overseeing safety and ensuring an effectively managed event, again freeing up more time for you.

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